December 21, 2023

AQA Chemistry May Half-term Recap Course

Gear up for your end-of-year assessments or round up Year 12 with our AS Level Chemistry Recap Courses. Specifically tailored to different exam boards, our professional team of highly experienced tutors will guide you through targeted classes designed to meet your specific specification needs.

Throughout the course, you’ll revisit key topics from Year 12, with a primary focus on honing your exam technique. By working through past paper questions, you’ll master the art of formulating answers that maximize your marks while avoiding common mistakes. This comprehensive approach allows you to identify and fill any gaps in your understanding, solidifying your existing knowledge in the process.

Beyond exam preparation, this course is a transformative experience that instills confidence, positivity, and readiness to tackle Year 13. Don’t miss this opportunity to fine-tune your chemistry skills and set the stage for continued success.

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  • Classes are from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Registration starts from 9.15am.
  • There will be a 1 hour lunch break and a couple of 10 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon.


  • Year 12 students
  • Students preparing for summer assessments or looking to review content before year 13
  • If you need help deciding if you will benefit from this course you can contact us. Alternatively, you may prefer to book 1-2-1 tuition instead.