December 22, 2023

Geography May Half-term

Our meticulously crafted AS Level Geography courses are designed to not only prepare students for their end-of-year assessments but also to consolidate and fortify their knowledge for Year 13. This comprehensive two-day program includes specialized preparation to guide students through their Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) project, setting them on the right path for this engaging endeavor. The course content and skills covered are universal across various exam boards, ensuring its suitability for a broad spectrum of students.

Throughout the course, students will revisit key content from Year 12, coupled with a dedicated focus on refining exam technique and essay writing skills essential for success in Year 13. Utilizing past paper questions, students will master the art of tackling both short and long-answer questions, maximizing their marks on exam day. Our adept tutors will provide guidance to help students identify and bridge any gaps in their understanding, thereby enhancing their overall proficiency in Geography. The latter part of day 2 is devoted to the NEA, where our course tutor will comprehensively cover everything students need to independently tackle this assignment after the course.

Beyond being an excellent preparation for exams, this course instills confidence, positivity, and readiness in students, ensuring they are well-equipped to face their NEA and Year 13 challenges.

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  • Classes are from 9.30am to 4.30pm. Registration starts from 9.15am.
  • There will be a 1 hour lunch break and a couple of 10 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon.


  • Year 12 students
  • Students preparing for summer assessments or looking to review content before year 13
  • If you need help deciding if you will benefit from this course you can contact us. Alternatively, you may prefer to book 1-2-1 tuition instead.